JSON Authorization Headers


Firstly thank you for creating this component. Great effort and works quite well.

We have been testing this against a local file and it works fine. However our issue is when we trying to pass an authorization bearer to a Https url and it doesn't work.

We have set the custom value to the URL. Under http headers we have set the name to "Authorization" and the value to "Bearer [and then the token]" yet when we run the package it runs but does not extract any data.

It also gives us the following message:

[JSON Get Schools] Warning: The http response provided by the server wasn't successful. Error was: Exception of type 'com.webkingsoft.JSONSource_Common.Exceptions.BadHttpCodeException' was thrown.. Details: at com.webkingsoft.JSONSource_Common.Utils.DownloadJsonFile(Uri url, String method, Dictionary2 encodedpars, Dictionary2 headers, CookieContainer& cookiecontainer, String customLocalTempDir)
at com.webkingsoft.JSONSource_Common.Utils.DownloadJson(IDTSVariableDispenser100 vd, Uri url, String method, Dictionary2 parameters, Dictionary2 headers, CookieContainer cookies, String customLocalTempDir)
at com.webkingsoft.JSONSource_Common.JSONSourceComponent.GetFileFromUri(Uri uri, Dictionary2 parameters, Dictionary2 headers, Boolean& downloaded)
at com.webkingsoft.JSONSource_Common.JSONSourceComponent.PrimeOutput(Int32 outputs, Int32[] outputIDs, PipelineBuffer[] buffers)

Can you please help us identify what we are doing wrong/or missing.


zittu wrote Apr 19 at 8:41 AM


Does anyone have an answer for this please? Still haven't been to get this to work so any help on this will be appreciated

Thank you